Best Dog Food for Pomeranian – Top 6 Picks! (2022)

After getting a dog of your choice, the next challenge is to find the best dog food. If you own a dog like Pomeranian it becomes a little hard for you to find what is best for them. Many people get confused as plenty of dog foods are available on market. But don’t worry, we have done all the complicated research for you, after reading this article you will get the best dog food for Pomeranians.

As we know Pomeranian is one of the most popular dog breeds and needs a lot of attention and care because of its small size. You can’t simply pick any dog food for your Pom to prevent them from being overweight and other health-related issues. So, we have done our research and come up with a list of some of the best dog foods for Pomeranian dogs.

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The below list contains plenty of dog food options for Pomeranians in different price ranges. Some of these foods are specially designed for this fluffy breed. Whether your Pomeranian is small, young, or old, the below list helps you to find the best food for them. Let’s get started with the best food for Pomeranian dogs.


List of 6 Best dog foods for Pomeranians in 2022

1. ORIJEN Puppy Dog Food for Pomeranians

ORIJEN Puppy Dog Food Review

ORIJEN puppy dog food is at the top of our list, depending upon its quality and customer reviews. It’s a completely grain-free diet made with quality animal ingredients. The fresh quality ingredients of this dog food play an important role in the overall health of your Pomeranian dog. It’s a specially designed formula, so give some time to your Pomeranian to adjust to this dog food. You can make a transition between your existing Pomeranian food and ORIJEN puppy dog food by mixing 25% of ORIJEN dog food with 75% of the existing dog food.


It is made with 85% fresh and whole animal ingredients, which include free-run chicken, turkey, wild-caught fish, and cage-free eggs. These quality ingredients nourish your Pomeranian dog according to its natural needs.

Feeding Guide

The dietary needs of each individual dog can be different depending upon their age and activity level. So, you can observe your dog for at least the first week after starting with the ORIJEN dog food and make plans accordingly. You can provide them ORIJEN dog food two times a day and ensure they have fresh and clean water.

Guaranteed Analysis

The product contains 38% protein, 20%fat, 6% fiber, and 15% dietary starch with only 1% sugar. It also contains a small percentage of calcium, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acid.


The packaged weight is 13 pounds. It’s also available in 4.5, 25, 4, and 22.5-pound packages.

Here are some Pros & Cons of this Product

  • Grain-free
  • Formulated for puppy needs
  • Raw animal ingredients
  • 13 pound
  •  A little high in price

2. Purina Pro Plan Small Breed Shredded Formula

Purina Pro Plan Small Breed Shredded Formula review

Purina pro is specially designed for small dog breeds. This chicken and rice blended formula is liked by many dog breeds. The high protein formula is made with real chicken, which is the main ingredient of the formula. Your Pomeranian dog will definitely love the small, nutrient-dense kibble pieces of the Purina pro plan. It fulfills the unique needs of the toy and small dog breeds. The high protein level of the formula maintains the ideal body conditions of the smaller dog breeds. It’s also a well-balanced food for the adult dog under 20 pounds.


The main ingredients of the food include chicken, rice, poultry-by-product meal, beef fat, corn, whole grain corn, and dried egg product with natural flavor.

Bite-sized kibble 

The small bite-sized kibble pieces are specially made for small mouths and teeth. The dogs love the taste and texture of these small shredded pieces.

Guaranteed analysis 

The product contains 29% crude protein, 17% crude fat, and 3% crude fiber, along with a small percentage of calcium, vitamin A, and vitamin E.


The product weight is 18 pounds. You can also choose the 6 pounds and 34 pounds bags depending upon your needs.

Here are some Pros & Cons of this Product

  • Chicken and rice formula
  • Bite-sized kibble pieces
  • 18 pounds
  • Real meat formula
  • Some dogs dislike the flavor

3. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food for Pomeranians

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food review

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Food is specially designed for adult, small, and mini dog breeds. It contains the prebiotic fiber for the optimal digestive health of small dog breeds. The vitamin 6 and the omega 6 fatty acid of the Hill’s Science formula promote the healthy skin and coat of your Pomeranian dog. It provides an optimal balance of nutrients in miniature and toy dog breeds. Veterinarians usually recommend this food.


The main ingredients of this formula include chicken, brewers, rice, chicken meal, yellow peas, cracked pearled barley, chicken fat, and egg product.

Digestible ingredients 

All the balanced and highly digestive ingredients of this dog formula are good for the sensitive stomach and skin. The natural ingredients of this dog food are very easy on the dog’s stomach.


The product weight is 15 pounds. But you can also choose a bad with 4 pounds weight according to your needs.

Here are some Pros & Cons of this Product

  • Uses prebiotic fiber
  • All natural ingredients
  • 15 pounds
  • Chicken and barley flavor
  • Unappealing flavor for some dogs not but not for pomeranians

4. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula for Pomeranians

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula review

Blue Buffalo is another natural small breed dog formula, which is mainly made with chicken and brown rice. Real meat is the main ingredient of this dog food, which provides high-quality protein to dog breeds to build their strong muscles. It doesn’t contain any chicken-by-product meals, corn, wheat, soy, and artificial flavors. The nutrients and the antioxidants of the formula are vital for the overall dog’s health and well-being. It also contains wholesome whole grains, healthy fruits, and veggies, which provide the essential energy for your dog to stay active.


The main ingredients of the Blue Buffalo food include real meat, wholesome brown rice, and healthy veggies and fruits.


It’s a healthy blend of antioxidants that support the immune system of your dog. All the antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals are carefully selected to keep a healthy oxidative balance.

Guaranteed analysis

The product contains 23% crude protein, 13% fat, 6% crude fiber, and 0.9% calcium, along with the small quantities of many other ingredients.


The item weight is 15 pounds. But you can also buy the 5 pounds or a 6 pounds bag depending upon your needs.

Here are some Pros & Cons of this Product

  • Chicken and brown rice
  • Antioxidant rich
  • 15 pounds
  • Feature real meat
  • May upset stomach

5. NUTRO ULTRA Small Dry Dog Food for Pomeranians

NUTRO ULTRA Small Dry Dog Food for Pomeranians review

NUTRO ULTRA is a natural dry dog formula for adult small dog breeds. This protein formula contains chicken, lamb, and salmon, which are the essential ingredients for small dog breeds. The high-quality ingredients of the formula provide complete and balanced nutrition values for small dog breeds. This perfect blend of 15 vibrant superfoods provides all the essential vitamins and minerals to dogs. It doesn’t contain any chicken by-product meal, corn, soy, wheat, and artificial flavors.


The main ingredients of this dog food include chicken, chicken meal, whole grain sorghum, brown rice, chicken fat, lamb meal, natural flavors, barley, and a small amount of many other ingredients.


It’s a protein-rich blend that is made with many superfoods such as chia, coconut, kale, and blueberries, along with many other quality ingredients.


The weight of the product is 15 pounds. But you can also buy the 4 pounds and 8 pounds bags.

Here are some Pros & Cons of this Product

  • Chicken, lamb, and salmon
  • Grain free
  • 15 pounds
  • Real chicken
  • Hard food pieces

6. Wellness Dry Small Breed Dog Food

Wellness Dry Small Breed Dog Food review

Wellness dry small breed dog food contains grains, chicken, and rice. The high-quality chicken combined with wholesome grains provides a great food source for your dog. This crunchy flavor doesn’t contain any meat by-products, filters, and artificial preservatives. The added nutrients of this special food support the immune system, increase the energy level, improve bone and joint health, and also help the dog glowing skin and coat. It’s antioxidant-rich dog food to support the immune system of the dogs.


The wellness dry food blend contains the deboned chicken, chicken meal, turkey meal, ground brown rice, rice, oatmeal, chicken fat, carrots, spinach, potassium chloride, and a small amount of many other ingredients.

Guaranteed analysis 

The product contains 30% crude protein, 17% crude fat, 5% crude fiber, 10% moisture, 1.5% calcium, and a small percentage of phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin E, omega 6 fatty acid, and omega 3 fatty acid.


The product weight is 4 pounds. You can also choose the 2 pounds weight depending upon your need.

Here are some Pros & Cons of this Product

  • Grains, chicken, and rice
  • 4 pounds
  • Antioxidant rich
  • Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acid
  • Recently issued some recalls from customers

Pomeranian Dog Feeding Guide

Pomeranian is a toy size dog breed that doesn’t need much to fulfill its dietary needs. They have big personalities with fun-loving nature. But you have to provide them with enough food daily to keep them alert and active. High-quality food is the best option to support their fun-loving lifestyle. So make sure to check for the dog food protein sources while choosing the food for Pomeranians. The protein sources should include chicken, lamb, beef, and turkey. You should also check for nutrient-dense ingredients such as flaxseeds, turkey liver, and salmon oil. Make sure the Pomeranian food is free from preservatives, additives, byproducts, and fillers. Moreover, keep in mind the following points while choosing dog food for your Pomeranian.

  • If you want to know about what specific things your pom can eat like bread, broccoli, bacon or beans, etc. You should visit our dedicated category of the food guide.
  • Firstly, keep in mind the age of your Pomeranian while choosing dog food for him. Of course, puppies need more calories due to their growth and active nature as compared to older individuals. Their body is continuously changing in weight and shape and needs a proper supply of some essential nutrients. So make sure to take some special care about the puppy Pomeranian as compared to the senior dogs while choosing the dog food.
  • Every dog needs a proper amount of calories depending upon its body weight to maintain its size and weight. So, the individuals who have less weight need fewer calories as compared to the individuals with more weight.
  • Activity level is another important point that plays a role in determining the amount of required dog food. The Pomeranian dogs are usually very active and spend most of their time playing and running. So, if your Pomeranian is running all day around, he needs more calories than the Pomeranians who prefer the rest.
  • You should keep in mind the calories requirement of puppies, adults, and senior dogs while choosing food for your dog. The puppies usually need 55 calories, adults need 40 calories, and senior dogs need 30 to 40 calories per pound of their body weight.
  • Pomeranian puppies usually need 3 to 4 meals a day, while the older adults between 6 to 12 months of age need 2 to 3 meals. When your Pomeranian dog age is above the 12 months, you can further reduce their meal 1 to 2 times a day depending upon their activity level and appetite.

Dietary requirements of Pomeranian Dog

People need to know about the dietary requirements of their pets before purchasing their food. Most of the pet’s basic dietary requirements include fats, protein, and carbohydrates.

  • Pomeranians are very active dogs and need a proper amount of protein regularly to build their muscle tissues and support their immune system. Ignore the dog foods, which are made up of plant-based proteins such as peas, chickpeas, and lentils, as these are hard for the Pomeranians to digest. So, make sure to purchase dog foods that use real meats such as poultry, fish, red meat, and eggs.
  • Similarly, fats are also important for the skin and coat health of the Pomeranian. They maintain the soft and shiny look of their coat and are equally beneficial for their brain and heart health.
  • Carbohydrates are also beneficial for the overall health of Pomeranian dogs. You can choose the whole grains dog food as these are a great source of carbohydrates. But if your dog is allergic to whole grains, make sure to choose grain-free dog foods.
  • Like all the other living things, vitamins and minerals are also essential for dogs. All dog foods contain chemically derived vitamins as the natural vitamins can be destroyed during the high-temperature cooking process of the dogs.

How to choose best dog food for Pomeranian?

You have to research well before purchasing any dog food for your Pomeranian. Pay some special attention to the percentage of each ingredient of the dog food, as the nutritional values of each pack can vary. You should know that puppy Pomeranian dog needs 22% proteins, 8% fats, and 5% fiber. Adult Pomeranian dogs need 18% proteins, 5% fats, and 5% fiber. While the senior Pomeranian dogs need 18% proteins, 5% fats, and 5% fiber.

You should ensure that the food pack provides all these recommended nutritional requirements to your Pomeranian dog. Moreover, it’s even more important to supply all these nutritional values to your dog from quality ingredients. So, keep in mind the following points while choosing dog food for your Pomeranian.

  • Always prefer the whole meat, chicken, and whole fish to provide the protein to your Pomeranian.
  • Prefer whole grain foods to provide the carbohydrates to Pomeranian dogs, which include rice, oatmeal, and barley.
  • Choose the dog foods which contain meat-based fats, such as chicken fat and salmon oil.

Wet or dry dog food, which is best for Pomeranians?

You can feed the wet or dry dog food to your Pomeranian. They can eat both of these foods, but the regular consumption of wet food can cause digestive issues for them. So, you can’t longer stick with wet dog food. But you can’t also stick with the dry food as it can cause some problems for Pomeranians. But don’t worry, you can try out the following things.

  • You can mix the dry dog food with chicken or bone broth or mix some wet food with the dry dog food before offering it to your Pomeranian.
  • Make sure to keep your wet or dry dog food at the right temperature to prevent your Pomeranian from mouth burn.

Is home-cooked dog food a great choice for Pomeranians?

Yes, you can feed the home-cooked food to your Pomeranian. In fact, it’s a great idea to save money. You can make the home dog food with the 100% ingredients of your choice without any doubt. You can use the following ingredients to provide proteins, carbohydrates, fruits, and fats to your Pomeranian dog.

  • Turkey meat, lamb meat, eggs, and lean beef are great choices to offer proteins to dogs.
  • Whole grains such as brown rice, rice, quinoa, and oatmeal are a great source of carbohydrates.
  • You can also add fruits such as bananas, apples, pineapples, strawberries, kiwi, melon, blueberries, plums, and mangos, as these are rich in antioxidants.
  • Some vegetables can also be added to the home-cooked food, such as spinach, broccoli, peas, green beans, cucumbers, and zucchini.
  • If your Pomeranian is suffering from health issues, make sure to offer some supplements along with home-cooked food.

Can Pomeranians drink milk?

No, you can’t feed milk to Pomeranians as it can upset their stomach. Milk contains lactose, and Pomeranians are milk intolerant. Most of the Pomeranians face digestive upset when drinking milk; most probably, they face diarrhea.

Is grass dangerous for Pomeranians? 

No, it’s not dangerous for Pomeranians to eat grass. In fact, it’s very common for many dog breeds to eat grass. There are many myths about this behavior of dogs. Many people think that Pomeranians eat grass to soothe their stomachs, or they like the taste of grass.

What is the best food to feed the Pomeranians with dental issues?

You can’t feed everything to your Pomeranian dog with dental issues. They will have trouble eating due to bad teeth. The best thing you can do is to visit your veterinarian. After the checkup, to maintain the dental health of your Pomeranian dog, you can feed them the crunchy kibbles as they remove their tartar and massage their gums.


Hope you get all the necessary information needed to get the best dog food for your Pomeranian dog. We have done complete research and listed some of the best dog foods for Pomeranians. These foods contain all the required ingredients for Pomeranian dogs. Along with getting the best dog food, make sure to follow all the above feeding guidelines to get the maximum benefits.

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