6 Best Treats for Pomeranians 2022 – Tasty, Healthy, & Tiny Bites

Treats are an important part of any dog’s daily diet. These are particularly good for your dog training; you can reward them when they obey your order. Pomeranians are small and active dogs, which also perform well if you regularly offer them their favorite treats. Treats are good for communicating with dogs. These also make your bond stronger with your Pomeranian. But make sure to only give the treats to your Pomeranian as a snack along with their regular diet. Too many treats can make your dog obese, which is a big issue, especially for the small Pomeranians.

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Pupford Freeze Dog Treats

Pupford Freeze Dog Training Treats 



Wellness Petite Treats 

Wellness Petite Treats 


There are various dog treats available, making it difficult to choose the right one for your Pomeranian. These are small size dogs and need some special types of treats than the larger size breeds. Whenever you choose a dog treat for your Pomeranian, make sure it’s made up of 10 to 30 percent of their dietary intake.

All the treats we have mentioned in this article are really good for Pomeranians. However, if you want to know our choice, according to us, Pupford freeze is the best dog treat for Pomeranians. We think it’s best because it is free from any kind of filler, sugar, or junk ingredients. Moreover, its package contains a lot of treats that last for a very long time. Its taste and quality are also great. We have made it easier for you to choose the right treats for your Pomeranian by listing them along with our personal reviews. Below are the best treats for Pomeranians in different price ranges.


List of 6 Best Treats for Pomeranians 

1. Pupford Freeze Dog Training Treats 

Pupford Freeze Dog Training Treats 

Pupford dog training treats are at the top of our list with zero sugar, fillers, and junk ingredients. We always support products that contain null or low unhealthy ingredients. That’s the reason we chose this treat because sugar, filler, and junk ingredients are harmful to the health. We love it because it is free from them. We have put it on the top of our list after observing different dogs’ behavior on offering these treats.

This pack of dog treats makes your dog a good dog. You can offer these treats to your puppy and older dogs. It’s perfect to accomplish the training goals of your Pomeranian dog. These soft treats keep your dog focused during their training. It’s available in five different flavors, including the liver, chicken, rabbit, salmon, and sweet potato. You can choose any flavor according to your dog’s choice. Use these treats for pups of all sizes and ages. For much smaller dogs, you can break each treat into two pieces. Let’s see the other features of Pupford Freeze dog treats.

475 plus treats 

There are 475 plus treats available in the bag, which are healthy, delicious, savory, and low in calories. They will last for a very long time, and that’s how you use them for a lot of rounds of practicing different tricks and commands.

3 simple ingredients 

It’s made up of three simple ingredients: the beef heart, beef liver, and mixed tocopherols. These simple and low-calorie ingredients are good for Pomeranians.

Build relationship

These treats can help you make a great relationship with your pup. You can give these treats to your pup for engagement and training. You can also give them as a reward to your pups when they obey your commands.


The packaged weight is 4.2 ounces.

Here are some Pros & Cons of this Product

  • 475 plus treats
  • 5 flavors available
  • 3 simple ingredients
  • 4.2 ounces
  • We think it’s a bit pricey

2. Greenies Dental Dog Treats 

Greenies Dental

Greenies are the natural dog dental treats that clean the dog’s teeth and also provide the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. These are made with all the finest ingredients by keeping in mind the good health of your dog. They bend deeper to clean down the gum line of the dogs. We think it’s really helpful because gum can become the victim of many diseases if not cleaned regularly and perfectly. You can give this treat to your dog once a day for incredible happiness. These are incredibly tasty and incredibly powerful. It’s a perfectly balanced recipe for healthy treats. Your Pomeranian will easily digest the highly soluble ingredients of this dog food. Let’s see the other unique properties of this dog food.

Natural teeth cleaner 

It’s a natural tooth cleaning treat pack for your Pomeranian. It helps to maintain the healthy gums by fighting the plaque and removing the tartar. It also freshens the breath of your Pomeranian.


The main ingredients of these treats include wheat flour, glycerin, wheat gluten, gelatin, water, calcium carbonate, and many other vitamins and minerals.

30 treats

There are 30 treats in the bag, which are good for the whole month if you offer one treat daily.


The weight of the bag is 18 ounces.

Here are some Pros & Cons of this Product

  • Easy to digest
  • Good for dental issues
  • Freshens breath
  • 30 teats
  • 18 ounces
  • Never overfeed it to your dog. Otherwise, it may cause the digestive issue

3. Milk-Bone Dog Treats


We chose milk bone dog treats because they contain real bone marrow and calcium. This delicious treat is especially liked by many small dog breeds, including the Pomeranians. You will definitely feel good after giving this treat to your lovely Pomeranian. It’s made with all the natural ingredients for dogs of all sizes. The mouth-watering flavor and the texture of this treat will attract your little Pomeranian and make it easy for you to train them. You can feed these treats to your Pomeranian as a part of their healthy diet. Let’s see the other properties of this dog treat.


It’s made with all-natural ingredients, which include wheat flour, meat and bone meal, sugar, cooked bone marrow, beef fat, corn starch, and some other ingredients.


It’s crunchy from the outside and filled with cooked bone marrow. So, it’s a perfect combo of satisfying crunch and bone marrow for your Pomeranian.


The weight of the bag is 40 ounces.

Here are some Pros & Cons of this Product

  • 40 ounces
  • Filled with bone marrow
  • Beef flavor
  • All dog sizes
  • Not as soft as chewy treats
  • It contains sugar

4. Purina Chew Mini/Tiny Dog Treats 

Purina Chew MiniTiny Dog Treats 

These are also the chewing dog treats on the list for mini and tiny dog breeds. What made us put this product on the list is that they are made with real meat. Real meat can increase the eagerness of dogs for this treat. They don’t contain any artificial flavors and colors, making them easily digestible for small dogs like Pomeranians. These treats are 100% rawhide free, which makes them completely safe for dogs. Their meaty middle is made with real pork. You can choose any from a variety of shapes, textures, and sizes. Let’s see the ingredients and other properties of this dog food.


These dog food treats are made with rice, wheat flour, glycerin, water, yeast, chicken, sugar, beef pork, and some other ingredients.

Long-lasting chew 

These treats provide long-lasting fun to your Pomeranian. They keep your dog blissfully busy for longer.


The net weight of the bag is 17 ounces.

Here are some Pros & Cons of this Product

  • Made with real pork
  • 100% rawhide free
  • 17 ounces
  • Long lasting chew
  • They contain more calorie than others

5. NUTRO Mini Bites Dog Treats

NUTRO Mini Bites

Nutro mini bites dog treats are made with all the high-quality ingredients, which only have less than three calories per treat. The first thing that we like about this treat is the mini size, which is perfectly suitable for Pomeranians. They can easily eat them without making any effort. These chewy bite-sized dog treats have real beef as their first ingredient.  The mini bites of the dog treats are perfect to offer your Pomeranian as a reward. We really loved its bags; they are resealable; that’s how they can keep your treats fresh for longer. Another thing which we like about it is the percentage of low calories in it. That’s how it makes them the perfect treat for training. Let’s see the ingredients of this dog treat.


It’s made with all the non-GMO ingredients. The main ingredients of this dog food treat are beef, brown rice flour, brown rice syrup, salt, natural flavors, and vinegar.


It’s a nutrient-rich dog treat that is full of natural flavors. No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives are added.


The net weight of the bag is 8 ounces.

Here are some Pros & Cons of this Product

  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • Low Calorie
  • Bite-sized
  • Nutrient rich
  • 8 ounces
  • Too small for larger breeds

6. Wellness Petite Treats 

Wellness Petite Treats 

The main thing that made us put it on our list is its great quality at a low price. It’s another natural, soft, and grain-free treat for small dog breeds, available in different flavors. Each of its crunchy mini-sized treats is flavored with premium ingredients. All the natural ingredients are used to formulate this treat, which include the flaxseeds to promote a healthy and shiny coat. The thing which we like the most in this treat is the great balance of all essential nutrients. It has many nutritional benefits for dogs. It’s great for treating and training small dog breeds. It sustains the well-being of your pet. Let’s see the main ingredients of this dog treats pack.


The main ingredients of this dog food are chicken, chicken meal, tapioca flour, chicken fat, pea fiber, cherries, and flaxseeds.

For all dogs 

These treats can be offered to all dogs, from small to large. If you have any other dog than a Pomeranian in your house, feel free to offer them this treat.


The net weight of the package is 6 ounces.

Here are some Pros & Cons of this Product

  • Grain free
  • Low calories
  • Affordable price
  • Bite-sized
  • 6 ounces
  • Though giant breeds can eat them, still it may not satisfy them enough due to their small size

Homemade treats for Pomeranian puppies

We have listed the best treats for Pomeranians that are available in the market. These treats are listed after thoroughly studying and observing the dog’s behavior on offering these treats. But you can also serve homemade dog treats to your cute Pomeranian puppy. Let’s see some best homemade treat choices for your Pomeranian puppy.

Ice cubes 

Ice cubes are one of the simplest and most easily available treats for Pomeranians. You can offer the plain ice cubes to your Pomeranian or choose the ice cubes with added flavors. Observe your dog’s behavior and choice, and offer the plain and flavored ice cubes accordingly.


Pomeranians also love to eat yogurt. It’s beneficial for their digest health and manages the gas just like the humans. You can get the pre-frozen yogurt from the market or make it at your home.


All the dogs love to eat the tuna food. So, you can make a small amount of frozen tuna on its own. For the added flavor and nutrition, you can add some other ingredients to the tuna recipe.


You can also offer the small frozen cheese pieces to your Pomeranian. To make them more appealing to dogs, you can also freeze them in the liquid. Usually, dogs love cheese in both of these forms.

Frozen liver

Boiled or cooked frozen livers are also good choices as a homemade treat for Pomeranians. You can take the chicken or beef liver and cut it into small pieces. After making the small pieces, freeze them and save them in a zip lock bag. You can offer 2 to 3 pieces of frozen liver to your Pomeranian daily.

Baby foods

Pomeranians love the different baby foods if they don’t contain onions. So, you can take the baby foods and freeze them in small muffin cups. Make sure to offer the baby foods to Pomeranians in small amounts. Your Pomeranian will definitely love to eat frozen baby foods.

Frozen egg

Pomeranians like to eat frozen eggs. To make it an easy process, you can blend some eggs in the blender and put this blend in a cube tray. Freeze this blend and offer it to your Pomeranian. Make sure to not offer more than one cube to your Pomeranian per day.

Fruits and vegetables 

Pomeranians love to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, which include bananas, apples, strawberries, sweet potatoes, green beans, and squash. You can turn all of these fruits and vegetables into a yummy and icy treat for your Pomeranian. You can also freeze the juices of these fruits in the cube trays. Make sure to avoid the much sugary foods and avoid the products that contain artificial flavors and colors.

What are the different types of Pomeranian dog treats?

There are two main types of Pomeranian dog treats which include dry treats and semi-moist treats. The first one is the dry treats, which are given to the dogs as a lower grade reward. These treats are usually crunchy and given to the dogs as a reward when they do something good. The second one is the semi-moist treats, which are mostly used for training purposes. These treats can be easily broken into small pieces.

What are the benefits of treats?

The dog treats have a lot of benefits for our lovely companions. These treats not only provide the essential nutrients to dogs, but they are also good for their training. The benefits of treats for dogs include the following.

  • Dog treats are very healthy and nutritious for dogs. They provide many essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to dogs.
  • These treats are like the extra nutrition and health supplement in the dog’s diet.
  • Dog treats are a wonderful way to make your relationship with your dog stronger.
  • Different categories of treats can be used for various purposes, such as chewing treats, reward treats, training treats, etc.
  • Treats build up the good behavior of your dog. They relieve the boredom and prevent your dog from anxiety.
  • Treats are a great source of amusement and mental stimulation.

What are the different categories of dog treats?

There are seven different categories of Pomeranian dog treats, which can be given to them for various purposes. These categories include the following.

  • Reward treats: These treats are given to the dogs as a reward when they obey their owners’ instructions. Owners reward the dogs with these delicious treats to encourage them whenever the dogs achieve some goal.
  • Training treats: These treats are specially used for training purposes. These treats can easily be broken into small pieces to make the training process easy.
  • Chewing teats: Chewing treats are used to reduce the boredom and destructive behavior of the dogs. These long-lasting treats are equally beneficial for the dog’s dental health.
  • Dental treats: These treats are specially made for dogs’ dental health. These treats reduce the plaque, bad breath, and tartar and improve the gums of the dogs.
  • Freeze-dried: Freeze-dried treats are also favorite of the dogs. These treats come in the form of human foods such as freeze-dried poultry, liver, chicken, and beef.
  • Soft treats: Soft treats are very delicious and chewy and come in different flavors. These dog treats’ pleasant taste and texture are very attractive to dogs. These treats are usually given to the dogs during their training.
  • Crunchy treats: These treats have a crunchy layer filled with different food items. They come in different flavors, sizes, and shapes. These small-sized treats are easy to carry for training sessions.


It’s not easy to choose the right treats for your Pomeranian as plenty of options are available. We have made it easier for you by listing the best treats for Pomeranians in different price ranges. We have listed all the above treats after offering these treats to different dog breeds. The list includes the different flavored treats; you can choose any of them according to your Pomeranian’s choice. According to us, Pupford freeze is the best treat for Pomeranians. However, other treats listed above are also good and suitable for pomeranians.

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