Can Pomeranian Eat Acorns? Side Effects of Acorns for Pomeranians

No, acorns are poisonous to Pomeranians. They contain tannins and many other poisonous compounds, which can make the stomach upset. Even in very serve cases, they can lead to kidney failure and death. Sometimes dogs ingest the acorns, resulting in internal obstruction due to their hardness and sharpness. Acorns poisoning is especially known as Quercus poisoning. That’s the reason your Pomeranian should never eat acorns. If your dog accidentally eats the acorns, immediately ensure to get the treatment.

Can Pomeranian Eat Acorns

Dogs are at a higher risk when they eat a large number of acorns. But the amount also depends upon their size. The smaller dogs are at a higher risk than the larger dogs if both eat the same amount of acorns. If your dog eats the acorns, the poisoning signs include vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. Mostly these signs are limited to the gastrointestinal tract and kidney. Let’s see the side effects of acorns in dogs after eating them.

Following Side Effects can Occur if Pomeranians Eat Acorns


Pomeranian gastritis 

In this condition, the dog’s stomach is inflamed and irritated. It usually happens when their digestive system starts to break down, and the body doesn’t digest food anymore. Such a dog usually shows the symptoms like abdominal pains, dehydration, loose stool, and lethargy.

Gastrointestinal Obstruction 

This condition usually occurs when the acorns are indigestible for dogs and stuck in their system, which can result in intestinal and digestive blockages. It reduces their ability to break down the food as the blockages prevent the nutrients and wastes from passing through their system.

Kidney Failure 

The acorns are dangerous because a chemical compound is present in acorns called gallotannin, which can cause kidney failures. They show a range of symptoms during this condition, including severe pain.

Preventing Pomeranians from Acorn Poisoning 

Prevent pomeranian from eating acorns

  • Firstly, you can try your best to avoid the acorns if you have a Pomeranian or any other dog breed in your home. Stay away from the oak trees whenever you go outside, as they are probably surrounded by hundreds of fallen acorns. It’s especially important during the autumn and winter season when a lot of acorns can be found around the oak trees. At least you can keep a close eye on your dog when they are walking near them.
  • Secondly, you can train your dog during an early age to spit out whatever is in their mouth when you say “Drop it.” It’s not only useful for acorns but equally beneficial for many other poisonous things.
  • If you have oak trees in your backyard, keep your dog food and water bowl away from them. If the acorns fall in the water, their toxins can contaminate the water and make them ill.


Pomeranians can not eat acorns as these are very poisonous to them. They can be responsible for stomach upset, kidney failure, and death in some serious cases. So you need to prevent them from eating the acorns. It becomes more important when you have an oak tree in your backyard. If your dog ate acorns by chance, keep an eye on them and observe if they have any symptoms of choking, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.

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