Can Pomeranian Eat Apricots? Yes or No?

Yes, Pomeranians can enjoy the skin of the apricot. But some parts of the apricot are very poisoning for them. This delicious, tasty, and tropical fruit is very refreshing and rewarding during the summer days. So, in general, they are not harmful to them without the seeds and in a moderate amount. Seeds and other parts of the apricot plant contain cyanide, which is highly dangerous for pups and adults dogs in any amount.

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If your Pomeranian can ingest a minimal amount of the apricot, it’s fine. Avoid giving them whole fruit, as better safe than sorry. But if he accidentally eats a whole apricot, stone, or leaves, monitor your dog and contact the vet in case of any signs. Let’s see the benefits of the apricots.


Apricot Health NutrientsApricot is very nutritious with a reasonable amount of antioxidants and vitamins. It’s a great source of vitamin A, C, and E. Vitamin A plays a vital role in your pooch’s eye health. While vitamin C supports the immune system and vitamin E is good for different cell functions. The antioxidants help to prevent oxidative damage to the dog’s cells.

Different serving ideas

You can serve the apricot to your Pomeranian in different ways as long as you remove the pit, leaves, and stem. So share ripe or dried apricot, cut them into small pieces, and mix in their food. Use the chopped-up apricots in the homemade doggy ice cream. But make sure their moderate amount as too much can cause digestive upset. You can serve them dried apricot as they can safely de-stoned it. But should feed it in smaller amounts than the fresh apricots.

Important points to keep in mind 

  • You can feed the apricot to your Pomeranian in many forms, but some forms can be toxic to dogs. One of them is the apricot jam, which makes them hyperactive due to a lot of sugar. Regularly eating too much can lead your dog to overweight and diabetes. Don’t use sugar-free jams as they contain xylitol, which is very toxic even in trace amounts.
  • Pomeranians can eat yogurt, but make sure it’s doesn’t contain any toxic ingredients and artificial flavors. Yes, you can feed them apricot yogurt, flavored with real fruit pieces and juices.
  • If you have an apricot tree in your garden, take care that it’s doesn’t help itself to the windfall. Dogs usually mix the stones, leaves, and stems alongside the fruit. Sometimes ferment fallen fruit can also intoxicate them.
  • There is no rule about how many apricots a dog can eat safely. It depends upon their size. The larger breeds can eat a whole apricot.


Yes, Pomeranians can eat an apricot; even the fresh and dried are both ok for them. It’s a perfect treat along with a boost of vitamins. They contain vitamin A, C, and E, which is good for their eyes, immune system, and cell function. But ensure their moderate amount as the fiber in them can cause digestive upset.

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