Can Pomeranian Eat Bones? Which Bones are Safe & Dangerous

Yes, Pomeranians can eat bones; even raw beef bones are very beneficial for them. But you may have heard that dogs love to chew bones and also that these are dangerous for them. In this article, we will clear all the confusion about feeding bones to them. It’s very important to clear the confusion as it has both health benefits and safety risks. In some cases, giving the bones to your Pomeranian can be very dangerous, but if you follow some simple rules, it’s very safe and good for them.

Can Pomeranian Eat Bones

To make it safer, you can consult with your vet whenever you give foods, bones, and chews to your dog. Many veterinary experts recommend raw bone rather than cooked bone as cooking can soften the bone, which increases the risk of splintering when chewed. Moreover, it also depends upon the type of bone. The one major benefit of feeding raw bones to dogs is that it prevents them from developing the dental disease, which results in increasing life expectancy because dental diseases are one of the causes of a shorter life. Let’s see the different bones which we can and can’t feed to our Pomeranian.

Types of Bones that Pomeranians Can Eat 

You can’t simply feed any type of animal bone to your Pomeranian. Many bones can be dangerous for them and can cause gastrointestinal tract issues. Let’s see the bones we can offer our dogs.

Beef Bones 

Beef and Lamb

Dogs can eat the beef bones as long as they are large. These are naturally harder than the other animal bones, which makes it difficult for them to break. But what about cooked beef bones? Generally, cooked bones are not recommended, regardless of their type.

Lamb Bones 

Lamb bones density is similar to beef, which makes them eatable for dogs. Even the cooked lamb bone is also ok if it’s large and thick.

Types of Bones that Dogs can’t Eat

Some bones are very small and soft to break. You should avoid feeding these types of bones as they can cause choking hazards along with digestion issues. Let’s see the bones that we can’t offer our dogs.

Chicken Bones

Don’t offer the chicken bones to your dog as these are very small and easily breakable. Especially the cooked chicken bones, as these are easier to break and splinter. In the worst cases, the sharp, splintered bones can also puncture their gastrointestinal tract, leading to sudden death.

Turkey Bones 

Turkey bones are also not recommended in any form, whether it is raw or cooked. These are also small, easily breakable, and can splinter like chicken bones.

Pork Bones

Pork Bones are also not safe for dogs, whether cooked or raw, including pork ribs, ham bones, and pork chop bones. Their adverse effects can be similar to the chicken bones.

Important Points to Remember

Whenever you are feeding the bones to your Pomeranian, follow the below important points to make it safe for them.

  • Only offer them raw meat bones; however, if feeding the thick lamb bones, then you can offer it cooked.
  • After 10 to 15 minutes, take the bones away from them, and put them in the refrigerator.
  • After three to four days, dispose of the old bones.
  • Only offer the larger bones, especially to the larger breed like German shepherd, Bloodhounds, and Mastiffs.
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You can offer bones to your Pomeranian, but all types of animal bones are not ok for them. Prevent small bones, especially chicken bones, turkey bones, and pork bones. These can be very dangerous for them, even leading them to death. The ideal bones that a Pomeranian can eat include beef bones and lamb bones.

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