Can Pomeranian Eat Cheese? Three Benefits You should know!

You might be wondering if they can eat cheese or not, but the Pomeranians can eat low-fat cheese in moderation. So don’t hesitate to offer a little amount of suitable cheese when your dog is looking at you with those begging eyes. A small chunk of cottage and mozzarella cheese is a suitable type of cheese for them. But before feeding, check your dog if he is not lactose intolerant. You may be very excited to read this and run to your fridge to give a toss to your Pomeranian, but you need to wait and read about some benefits and possible dangers of serving the cheese. Let’s first see some benefits.

Can Pomeranian Eat Cheese

Rich Source of Nutrients

Cheese NutrientsCheese is a rich source of vitamin A and B and also contains a healthy amount of essential fatty acids, protein, and calcium. All of these are essential for Pomeranian health. Calcium strengthens their bones and teeth. It equally helps the heart function and contributes to muscle building.

Great Motivational Treat

Many dog trainers especially use the cheese as a motivational treat to train them perfectly. It’s also a perfect way to conceal the pills that require medication. Give a chunk of cheese to your Pomeranian during the training to get the best result.

Can Feed all the Ages

Cottage cheese is a special type of cheese, which can be fed to Pomeranians of all ages. It’s soft and easy for their stomach to digest. Your growing little Pom can be served with a small amount of cottage cheese. It’s great for their pill delivery system. You can add the curling medication in it for the dogs that need to swallow medicine.

Dangers of Feeding Cheese to Your Pomeranian

You can’t simply pick any type of cheese in any amount to feed your Pomeranian. Make sure to keep the following points in mind while feeding the cheese to your dog.

  • It contains lactose, and many mammals can’t digest it when they grow up with time. Their ability to handle the lactose decreases as they are no more dependent on their mother’s milk.
  • Certain types of cheese also contain toxic ingredients like chives, garlic, and onions. So check out the cheese ingredients before feeding.
  • Cheese has high salt content, which can lead your dog to sodium poisoning. If your dog accidentally eats more salty cheese, he can compensate for it by drinking a lot of water. So try to refrain from giving your Pomeranian a cheese, which is high in sodium. Your dog can show the signs of watery diarrhea, vomiting, excessive thirst, and lack of appetite due to high salt.
  • Cheese also contains fat content, which has its pros and cons. Don’t give cheese to your dog if he has overweight.
  • You can only feed the Parmesan cheese, Blue cheese, and cream cheese. Prevent your dog from Red cheese and curdled cheese.


You can offer cheese to Pomeranians in a moderate amount. In fact, it’s a great tool for their training, especially for the puppies. Many dogs are also intolerant to cheese, so take some special care. Don’t feed any cheese that contains herbs, tomatoes, and garlic as they are toxic.

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