Can Pomeranians Eat a Raw Diet? Benefits and Some Risks

Yes, Pomeranians can eat a raw diet. Even it’s one of the best food for them, and its popularity is increasing day by day. The Pomeranian’s raw diet includes meat, uncooked bones, small organs, and small quantities of fruits and vegetables. It’s one of the healthier food for them than a kibble diet. But most of the raw foods required modifications to better suit these small size dogs.

can a Pomeranian eat a raw diet

In general, the raw diet can contain a mixture of muscle meat, ground bones, organ meats, raw eggs, yogurt, apples, and vegetables such as celery, spinach, and broccoli. After feeding the raw diet, the very first difference you will notice is the improved stools. Moreover, this easy-to-digest food is very enjoyable for them. Let’s see some unique benefits of raw diet feeding.

Improved Health 

raw Food Health BenefitsYou can notice the overall improved health of your Pomeranian within the few days of raw diet feeding, which includes better digestion, fresher breath, clean teeth, better bowel, greater energy, reduced allergy, and stronger immune system.

Healthier Coat and Skin

A raw diet can also improve the skin and coat of your Pomeranian. You can observe the shinier look of their coat within a few days. The raw diet mixes contain all the necessary ingredients for their healthier coat and reduce irritation, itchy, flaky skin, and hair loss.

Maintain the Weight 

Maintaining a proper weight is necessary for all dog breeds. But it becomes more important for Pomeranians as they are especially known to piling on the pounds, so an appropriate diet consisting of protein and healthy fats is necessary.

Better Feeling 

Humans love to have these canine friends feel better and thrive. The signs of a dog thriving include the increased vitality, reduced anxiety, reduced bad behavior, less bad moods, improved mobility, and increased agility. If your dog has issues like chewing, digging, stealing, jumping, and hyperactivity, the raw diet is going to be best.

Raw Diet Risks 

The raw diet mixes are generally good for the Pomeranians, as we have discussed above. But these can also cause some issues, especially when introducing them for the first time. Dog’s body processes kibble food in a completely different way as compared to the raw diet. Let’s see some health risks of changing their diet too fast.

  • It can lead your dog to an upset stomach. Their digestive system can become gassy and belch a lot due to quick food changes.
  • Maybe you notice some changes in their stool after feeding the raw diet. In this case, limit it as it can take weeks or months to change their diet.
  • Sometimes the raw diets contain the bacteria such as Listeria monocytogenes and salmonella, which can cause diarrhea.
  • Try to maintain their balanced diet as unbalanced foods can lead them to any internal puncture.


We can conclude that the Pomeranians can eat raw food. In fact, their popularity is increasing day by day due to their lot of benefits. The major benefits include overall improved health, healthier coat and skin, weight-maintaining, and better feelings. But the food balancing is very important to prevent them from any health issues.

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