Can Pomeranians Eat Bananas? Is it safe for them – Complete Guide

Yes, they can eat the Bananas, but you need to check on the number of Bananas you offer to your Pomeranian. Bananas are safe for the Pomeranians as they provide many healthy nutrients to them. So you can give the Bananas to your Pomeranian with a diet schedule in mind. Bananas contain various antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, which help them to fight different types of diseases. Let’s talk about the benefits of the Bananas for Pomeranians.

Can Pomeranians Eat Bananas

Come with packed vitamins, minerals, and nutrients

Nutrition Facts1Bananas are come with different nutrients, including vitamin A, C, D, potassium, iron, and zinc, which play a crucial role in Pomeranian health. Especially, they are rich in potassium, which strengthens and supports the Pomeranian’s kidney and heart function. Moreover, the fresh Bananas also contain the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that are vital for the Pomeranians silky coat.

Low Calories

Feeding low-calorie food helps your dog to gain many calories, which is not an issue for the Pomeranians. They don’t have any problem with gaining excess weight. But it’s doesn’t mean that you feed them without any scale. You need to take care of the number of calories you are feeding to your Pomeranian per day.

Easy to dispense

Most of the pet fruits, including the Bananas, are easy to dissolve in the dog’s diet system. They are easy to squeeze, so you can give them alongside their Kibble. Adding the peanut butter in the squeeze Bananas is going to be an excellent treat for your Pomeranian.

Cope with allergies

Bananas also help the Pomeranians to cope with different type of allergies. They provide antioxidants to Pomeranian’s body, which are important in protecting their body’s cells from damage. Actually, these damaged cells are responsible for allergies and can make their body a host of different diseases.

Important Points to keep in mind

As we mentioned above, Pomeranians can eat Bananas, but it doesn’t mean that you feed the Bananas to your Pomeranian at any time in any quantity. ¼ of a Banana is a perfect healthy snack for them. So try to choose any other time of the day to feed the rest of ¾’s of a Banana. Please keep in mind the following points while you are feeding your Pomeranian.

  • Fried BananasToo many Bananas can cause digestion issues for your Pomeranian. Even in the worst cases, it can also prompt the growth of bad bacteria.
  • Bananas are high in sugar, which can lead your dog to depression, obesity, hyperactivity, and weight loss. So only an occasional Banana treat is beneficial for your dog.
  • Don’t feed the Banana chips to your Pomeranian. The fried Bananas contain sugar, fats, and calories and can negatively affect their health. But don’t worry if your Pomeranian accidentally eats the Bananas as their ingredients are non-toxic to dogs.


With all the above information, we know that the Pomeranians can eat Bananas pretty well. These are great natural sources of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. They are equally beneficial for the Pomeranians as well as for humans. Bananas boost the immunity and overall health of the Pomeranians. But it’s necessary to make a feeding schedule with the proper amount. You need to know which amount of Bananas is beneficial for your Pomeranian depending upon its health, weight, and exercise routine.

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