Can Pomeranians Eat Strawberries? A Helpful Guide

Yes, Pomeranians can eat strawberries. These are full of healthy nutrients and good for their overall health. However, you should keep in mind before feeding that it contains sugar, and too many strawberries can cause stomach upset for your dog. Don’t worry; they are not toxic or poisonous to dogs. Make sure to consult with your veterinarian whenever you are sharing human food with dogs. Strawberries contain vitamin B, vitamin C, manganese, folic acid, potassium, and fiber, which makes them a perfect snack. Just make sure your Pomeranian doesn’t have allergies to strawberries. Let’s see some their benefits.

Can Pomeranian Eat Strawberies

Health Benefits

health benefits of strawberriesAll the nutrients of the strawberries have their own benefits for Pom’s health. Vitamin C helps them to reduce their inflammation issues and also helps with cognitive aging. Fiber and potassium play a role in digestive and heart health. It’s recommended to feed fresh and organic strawberries to get the maximum benefits. Make sure these are not treated with preservatives, pesticides, and herbicides. Always ask your veterinarian to serve the perfect size, and amount to your dog.

Can feed in multiple ways

You can feed the strawberries to your Pomeranian in multiple ways. Organic fresh strawberries are best for their health. Remove their green top, wash them and slice them into small pieces before offering them to your Pomeranian. You don’t need to remove their seeds like the apples. Just remember one thing the strawberries are not the main diet of your Pom.

Although they don’t have any choking risk, you can mash strawberries, especially for smaller dogs. You can also mix the strawberries in the dog’s food for a special treat, making it a reward for them during the training. Some of the fancier treats include the strawberries treat with watermelon and strawberries treat with gelatine.

Contain Teeth-Whiting Enzymes

Strawberries are best for the dog’s teeth as compared to apples and many other fruits. They contain teeth-whitening enzymes, which give your Pom a Colgate-white smile.

When can strawberries be bad for your Pomeranian?

Strawberries can also have a bad effect on your Pomeranian health. Let’s see the three cases when your Pomeranian can face the issues due to strawberries.

  • Firstly, your dog can face issues due to overeating. Strawberries contain too much sugar like many other fruits, which can lead your Pom’s to cavities, diabetes, upset stomach, weight problems, and metabolic changes.
  • Strawberries are also bad for your Pomeranian when they have allergies. That’s why it’s best to consult with your vet. If your dog has any sign of hives, swelling, vomiting, coughing, itchy skin, and breathing difficulty, it means that he has a food allergy.
  • All types of human food can be dangerous for dogs if they have any health condition. So if you don’t know anything about your Pomeranian health, it’s good to do some tests.


Pomeranians can eat strawberries, and these are actually good for their health. If you are going to feed the strawberries for the first time, consult with your vet, as many individuals have food allergies, especially when your dog has any health conditions.

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