How to increase Teacup Pomeranian dog life expectancy? 6 Tips

It isn’t easy to figure out the life span of a Teacup Pomeranian due to the many factors involved. It’s mostly due to their size and health issues. In general, the larger dogs live longer than, the smaller dogs. But many professionals believe that today the Teacup Pomeranians live longer than they live in decades ago. This is due to the advancement in medicine and more information about the types of dog food. In this article, we will see some important tips to increase the life span of a Teacup Pomeranian. Are you wondering how to increase the teacup Pomeranian dog life expectancy? Keep reading these tips.

Tips to increase Teacup Pomeranian Life Expectancy

Tips to increase the Teacup Pomeranian Life Expectancy

Below are the most important and guaranteed ways to increase your Teacup Pomeranian life expectancy.

Keep the weight in Healthy Range.

The fit and trimmed Teacup Pomeranians live longer as compared to the fatter and unhealthy individuals. So, try to feed the well-balanced, home-cooked meal to your Teacup Pomeranians, and avoid the commercial pet foods.

Feed the Fresh Food

Many manufactured foods have added colors, fillers, and preservatives responsible for the massive health difference in the Teacup Pomeranians. You can make a well-balanced Teacup Pomeranian meal at home.

Provide Clean Environment

Many studies suggested that pets living in clean environments have a longer life span than pets living in the homes where smokers are present. Passive smoke is equally dangerous for pets as well as humans.

Ideal Balance Activities

Teacup Pomeranian is a small dog breed that doesn’t require much exercise. Their growth plates can be affected by too much exercise. On the other hand, if your Teacup Pomeranian is too lazy, he will start losing his lean muscles, and if he already has a healthy size, he will start gaining weight. You need to ensure that your Teacup Pomeranian is as healthy as possible. One or two walks combined of 20 to 30 minutes are enough for the ideal amount of Teacup Pomeranian daily activities. You can also add a few sessions of playtime to get the benefits of 30 minutes of walking.


Neutering or spaying of your male Teacup Pomeranian also increases the life span. The unchanged dogs are at a greater risk of cancer and many other diseases related to the reproductive organs. Make sure the proper vaccination and follow-up boosters until your dog turns five years old.


Different infections are the second main cause of fatalities, but vaccines can prevent these problems. You also need a vaccination certificate after five years for the boarding kennel. Most Teacup Pomeranians die due to the spreading of the tooth infection in their mouth and entire body. So, make sure to regularly brush your Teacup Pomeranian teeth as the neglected dogs will find it more difficult to eat enough food to get sufficient nutrition.


Hopefully, your question about how to increase the Teacup Pomeranian dog life expectancy will be clear. You need to focus on all the above-listed tips along with some essential needs, including food, medical care, home, grooming, toys, and other amenities.

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