The Best Teacup Pomeranian Breeders all over the World

Teacup Pomeranians are small, loyal, and fluffy dogs that look like teddy bears. Their features made them one of the best dog breeds in America for decades. Believe it or not, this small breed is actually descended from the large Icelandic sledding dogs. Pomeranian’s popularity grew in the 1600s when they became a popular dog breed among royal families. Queen Victoria is famously known for having a little Pomeranian.

In the 1800s, the female Pomeranians were much smaller than the average Pomeranians. Their weight was approximately about 30 pounds at that time. After that, the breeder’s obsession with getting a smaller and smaller dog has grown.

Best Teacup Pomeranian Breeders

In 1888, Pomeranians entered the American Kennel Club. The Pomeranians we know these days had become a standard breed in the 1900s. These Pomeranians weigh under 10 pounds and are recognized by the American Kennel Club as the “toy group.” But the breeders are striving for an even smaller dog, which resulted in the “Teacup” Pomeranian.

Many breeders claim that getting a smaller and smaller dog with a high price tag involves some dangerous breeding practices. It can lead them to unhealthy dogs. Yes, it’s true many backyard breeders have taken advantage of the growing trend of Teacup dogs. They use unsafe breeding methods to get the desired size. So, you may get a mixed pup instead of a purebred Teacup Pomeranian.

So, don’t be in a hurry for your Teacup Pomeranians, Do proper research about the breeder before purchasing. Don’t worry; we have done all the research and brought a list of the best Teacup Pomeranian breeders. Let’s have a look at the list.

Note: The list is alphabetically arranged not ranked in any order.

List of best Teacup Pomeranian Breeders

Teacup Pomeranian Breeders USA

USA Teacup Pomeranian

Bomb Poms (Texas south)

Their puppies are raised at home without any special cages and kennels. The main focus of their breeding is health, personality, and confirmed AKC standards. Their puppies are secure, happy, and confident around the people. Their puppies are started on the wee pads to make it easier for you to potty-train them. The proper vet checking and worming are essential parts of the Bomb Poms before leaving them with their owners.

Contact: The Bomb Poms 

Chelanes Pomeranians (North Carolina/Ohio)

They are specialized in producing the Parti and Parti-factored in a variety of exotic colors. Their puppies are strict to the AKC standards by breeding only genetically sound and healthy parents. They have plenty of room to play and run with the best veterinarian care, producing several champions of their own breeding program. All of their puppies are sold on the neuter/spay contract with AKC limited registration.

Their puppies are usually ready to sell at the age of 10-12 months. They are well socialized and paper trained in 12 weeks. If you plan to purchase a puppy from them, they will provide you with their first set of puppy shots (vaccine). The owner lives in North Carolina, but he can deliver the puppy to Ohio as he travels there regularly.

Contact Chelanes Pomeranian 

Keen Pomeranians (Alabama)

They are breeding the Pomeranian dogs for the past 20 years and producing the best Teacup Pomeranians with great temperament, color, and coat. They especially focus on selecting the best adults to get a wide range of colors, including white, black, parti, chocolate and tan, tri-colored, tri-colored merle, and wolf sable. Their hand-raised puppies are best for any family with proper training, vaccination, tested temperament, and well socializing.

You can buy a baby from here with full support, including the checklist, puppy packet, health records, and more. Their puppies are ready to go to their new forever home after 8 weeks. Almost all their babies are health guaranteed and placed with a spay/neuter agreement.

Contact: Keen Pomeranians 

LaRoseMar’s Cuties (Texas North)

They strive to raise lovely and socialized AKC Pomeranian puppies with great temperaments. Do you have any special color in your mind? Go there as they almost have all the colors. Each of their Pomeranian puppies comes with a health guarantee, care instruction, health record, first booster, wormings, food, and house training tips.

LaRoseMar’s Cuties are happy to provide you the lifetime support. They are located 25 minutes south of Fort Worth, Texas, in Alvarado. Their shipping service is available all over the US and Canada.

Contact: LaRoseMar’s Cuties

10,000 Lakes Pomeranians (Minnesota)

They are located in Northern Minnesota on 125 acres of riverfront property. Their puppies are perfectly raised in a family environment to keep them happy, healthy, and spoiled. They give plenty of exercise and playtime to their puppies resulting in the best Pomeranians of the highest quality. They are only breeding the quality individuals to contribute to the quality of the breed perfectly.

Lakes Pomeranians allow the visitors to come to their kennel with advanced notice. They only sell the puppies on a strict neuter/spay contract.

You will get a puppy pack of food, wee pads, toys, CD of pics and video, health record, Hypo just in case kit, and instruction manual with your Pomeranian puppy. They love to find a perfect match for each of their puppies with a 1-year guarantee.

Contact: 10,000 Lakes Pomeranians 

Magix’z Pomeranians (Michigan)

They are located in the thumb of Michigan and a member of a Michigan Pomeranian Club. They strive to produce puppies that perform well in the show ring, events, and families. Their pups are specially born and raised at home in the family environment with 24/7 care. Usually, they evaluate their puppies at the age of 9 weeks to hand them to their owners. They wait so long to give accurate information to the owners about their puppies. Their puppies are usually ready to go to their new homes at 12 weeks after the 2nd vaccine.

Magix’z Pomeranians don’t ship their puppies and love to hand them to their owners. If you are a new customer, the best way to communicate with them is via email.

Contact: Magix’z Pomeranians 

Pomarazzi Pomeranian (Illinois)

They strive to breed the exquisite exotic color Pomeranians according to the AKC standards and specialize in rare colors. Their Poms colors include the Blue merle, Blue, Blue Tri, Chocolate, Lavenders, Blacks, and Parti. Paparazzi Pomeranians are in-home breeders that are only producing a few litters each year. They are completely family breeders without any special Kennel and cages. All of their pups have a one-year health guarantee, vet checked, vaccinated, and pee pad trained.

Most of their pups are the only sale after 10 to 12 weeks of birth on a spay/neuter contract. They are goodbye their puppies with a puppy pack, food, toys, treats, a health record, and a baby blanket. They love to stay in contact with their previous buyers via emails.

Contact: Pomarazzi Pomeranians

Paragon Pomeranians (California)

They are producing the Pomeranians dog very close to the AKC standards since 2006. Paragon Pomeranians are well socialized, healthy, and free of all genetic problems. They are passionate about producing puppies that can provide years of love and devotion to their new families. The back half of the Paragon-Pomeranian house is work place and shelter; Pomeranians are born and raised in that area. Their backyard has a mini agility course, paddling pool, and many shades for the summer month.

The Paragon Pomeranian owner is a professional dog trainer and can give any required training advice to the Pomeranian families. Their puppies come with a puppy pack, health guarantee, shot and worming records, and a limited AKC registration application.

Contact: Paragon Pomeranians

Sharp Poms (Arizona)

Sharp poms are specialized in producing rare and exotic colors. The famous colors include the Blue, Blue, and tan, Blue sable, Blue merle, chocolate, chocolate and tan, chocolate sable, chocolate merle, Beaver, Beaver and tan, orange, orange sable, sable merle, cream dilute, red, red sable, red merle, and many other combinations in lavender, and black. All their puppies are perfectly raised in the family to make them healthy, happy, lovable, and well socialized.

Their puppies are always up to date about the vaccination and wormings with the AKC registration and pedigree. They are just breeding and raising their Poms for the breed’s love and wanted to see their puppies in a loving indoor. You can buy a puppy from here with guaranteed health at the time of the purchase.

Contact: Sharp Poms

WolfPack Poms (Florida)

They are proud of their puppies, but their customers are also proud of their unique breeding qualities. WolfPack Poms always prefer a loving and safe home for each of their precocious puppies. Even they love to keep in touch with the customers after the puppy purchase. Their puppies are the heart of their family and live in their home in southern Florida. The parents of their puppies are kept on vaccines, worm treatment, dental care and are fed high-quality kibble. Daily play, exercise, and swimming are the main part of the mom’s routine.

They believe that happy, healthy, and top-quality parents can produce a perfect puppy. They carefully planned 6 to 8 months in advance to provide you with the best puppy with a health certificate. The pet Nanny shipping is available, but they don’t accept the deposits until the 6 weeks before determining the exact price. A rare genetically tested Wolf sable Pomeranian is also available. You can buy an AKC standard Pomeranian from WolfPack Poms within the range of 4 to 7 pounds.

Contact: WolfPack Poms

Teacup Pomeranian Breeders Australia

Australian Teacup Pomeranian

Crouchent Pomeranians (Tamworth NSW)

Crouchent Pomeranians were established in 1952 and is known for dozens of champions Best in Group and Best in Show Winners. In 2008, they were also the winners of the Royal Show Best of Breed at Sydney Royal and Canberra Royal. The Crouchent Pomeranians bred the first Grand Supreme Champion Pomeranian in Australia. They breed several colors, including the black, orange, cream, red, orange sable, two-tone orange/sable, black and white, and orange and white.

Contact: Crouchent Pomeranians 

Cutizele (Barragup WA)

Cutizele breeders are producing quality color Pomeranians since 2009. All of their Pomeranians are raised in a family of 6 people, including 4 children. Their puppies are perfectly raised on an open 5 acres of land without any kennels. They love to keep in touch with all their buyers about puppy health irrespective of how long you have bought the dog.

Contact: Cutizele 

Dochlaggie Pomeranians (Northern Victoria VIC)

These are some of the oldest Pomeranian breeders with 40 years of experience in exhibition and breeding. They are 80 plus-time champion breeders with many “Best in Show” winners. You can find most of the Pomeranian colors here. Their main colors include white, wolf sable, cream sable, orange, orange sable, chocolate, Beaver, parti colors, black, tan, and black. They also export many winners Pomeranians to the USA, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, and many other countries.

The dog world knows them due to their tremendous achievements in the dog ring. They are focusing on the health, correctness of type, and soundness. They believe in selling all of their puppies with a written health guarantee, well socialized, immunized, microchipped, and worm and vet checking.

Contact: Dochlaggie Pomeranians 

Meadowley Pomeranians (Queensland QLD)

It’s another small kennel located in Queensland, which produced Pomeranians with the great temperament to meet the Australian standards. They are passionate about colors and produce different colors. The main colors include cream, white, orange, chocolate, blue, sable, red, black and tan, lavender, black, and parti, specializing in black and tan, lavender, lavender and tan, and chocolate. All their puppies are raised in the family environment and socialized with the children, cats, and other dogs.

Contact: Meadowley Pomeranians 

Pomquest Pomeranians (Brett and Rhiannon)

Pomquest was established in 2007 and breeding the Pomeranians since 2012. They produce many supreme champions and best show winners since 2012. They are producing a limited number of puppies for families each year. So, if you are looking to buy a puppy from them, please take some time to introduce yourself, explain your interest, and tell about your home environment. Please be prepared to wait if you are going to buy a puppy from them.

Contact: Pomquest Pomeranians 

Rothlynne Pomeranians (Murchison. VIC)

They are breeding top-quality Pomeranians for 35 years. They export their puppies to many countries, including Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, New Caledonia, Norway, India, and Russia. At the same time, importing their parents from UK, USA, and Canada to produce the high qualities of world-class Pomeranians. Rothlynne Pomeranians are striving for perfection to provide the best quality puppies to families.

Contact: Rothlynne Pomeranians 

Tinytots Pomeranians (Moonbi NSW)

They are attached with the Pomeranians since 1974 and started breeding in South Africa in 1986.  In 2009, they shifted to Australia and started breeding the Pomeranians with the top international imported champion bloodiness. You can contact them through email with full details, including the name and contact details to buy Pomeranian.

Contact: Tinytots Pomeranians 

Tooshay Pomeranians (Rockhampton QLD)

It’s a small kennel located near Rockhampton, Central Qld. They produced many super champion show dogs, including the Best in Show, Multi Runner-Up Best in Show Winners, Multi-class in Show winners, and loved companions. All the puppies are raised in a loving family environment, fed with a premium diet, and well socialized. They only breed one to two litters per year to maintain their breeding quality.

Contact: Tooshay Pomeranians 

Teacup Pomeranian Breeders UK

UK Teacup Pomeranian

Mini Pomeranians (Rossendale, Lancashire.BB4)

Mini Pomeranians are producing the best vet check, worm, flea-treat, and vaccinate Pomeranians. They are not advertising their puppies for shows as their main focus is producing the best family dogs. Although their bloodlines are exceptional, many of them are KC Crufts champions. All of their Pomeranians are bear-type Poms under the 19cm height.

Contact: Mini Pomeranians 

Teacup Pomeranian Breeders Canada

Canada teacup pomeranian

Pombrazen White and Wolf Pomeranian (Montreal)

They are focusing on the less common colors, including the whites and Wolf sables. They are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club. Their puppies are completely hand raises without any special kennel. They sell their puppies on the spay/neuter contract, with few exceptions.

You will get their favorite toys, a collar, a blanket, food samples, health records, and a pee-pad with your puppy, along with the one-year health guarantee. They are shipping their puppies all over the US and can also send your puppy to you for an extra fee.

Contact: Pombrazen White and Wolf Pomeranians 


We have researched a lot and listed all the best Teacup Pomeranian breeders around the world. Hopefully, this will be helpful for you to find a perfect Teacup Pomeranian breeder near you.

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