Teacup Pomeranian Training tips

Teacup Pomeranians are very cute, snuggly, and small dogs. But like any other dog breed, they also need proper training to perform well in the families. If you want a well-behaved pup, you need to start their training early in their life. Although many pups inherit their personalities from their parents, generally, every individual dog is trainable and requires consistent attention to pick the things. You can make your Teacup Pomeranian an obedient and loveable member of your family. In this article, we will tell you everything about the Teacup Pomeranian Training.

Most of the professionals recommended their house and potty training at the age of eight weeks. It’s very awkward for many Teacup Pomeranian owners depending upon their small size. But it’s a misconception; you need to start your Teacup Pomeranian training early to prevent them from building bad habits. Try to start their training early as they can take more time to learn the exact actions. Let’s know in detail about the Teacup Pomeranian Training.

Teacup Pomeranian Training

Potty Training

It’s one of the most important training for any four-leg family member. The important factor in potty training a Teacup Pomeranian is consistency. You may face different difficulties whenever you are trying to potty-train your Teacup Pomeranian inside or outside. So, you can place the pee pads on the designated areas in the starting and later on use verbal cues such as “Potty”. Make sure to give them a reward on the farm of small treats on following the verbal cues.

Fortunately, the indoor training of the Teacup Pomeranians is possible when you don’t have enough time to spend with your Pomeranian outdoor. But if you are going outdoor, put them on the leash. One thing always keeps in your mind that consistency is the key to potty train a Teacup Pomeranian. You can simply follow the below steps to make it easier.

  • Take your dog outdoors on a leash, and try to find a safe place where the other dogs don’t visit. It’s very important to find a safe place to avoid detrimental diseases like Parvo.
  • When you find a safe place, try to take your dog there as much as possible in the starting. They can only hold for two hours. So, if you are taking them out frequently, fewer chances of their accidents.
  • Try to use the phrase “Potty”, whenever you reach your designated safe place. Keep using this phrase, and don’t forget to reward your Pomeranian.

Maybe it’s looking simple to you with three steps, but it’s a time-consuming activity. The more efficiently you strict with your routine, the faster your Pomeranian will catch the things.

Obedience Training

Teacup Pomeranians are known for their non-aggressive behavior, but socialization is the key to make them perfect. They need early socialization so that they don’t feel anxious or bark whenever they see a new person or pet. You need to expose your Teacup Pomeranian to new pets and people constantly. It’s very important for the calm manners of your dog so that it doesn’t feel overwhelmed. Let your Teacup Pomeranian meet with each person individually.

Barking Training

Many owners complain about the excessive barking of their Teacup Pomeranians. Yes, it’s true as a small dog breed, they use their barking as a sign of warning, self-defense, excitement, and attention. But you can combat this issue in the following ways.

  • The first important thing you can do to handle this issue is to keep your Teacup Pomeranian busy. They love to stay busy in some activity and start barking when bored.
  • Provide plenty of chew toys to your Teacup Pomeranian. But adequate physical playtime is necessary.
  • Try to socialize your Teacup Pomeranian early, so he doesn’t bark at your guests.
  • Ensure at least a safe space in your house where your pup feels comfortable.

Whatever your dog age is? The proper, consistent training of your Teacup Pomeranian can lead him to his best behavior.

Crate Training

Crate training is also very important for any dog breed to prevent them from roaming in all houses. It’s also equally important to provide a safe, secure, and comfortable sleeping area to dogs. A roomy wire or a plastic crate is perfect for your dog to stay safe when you are away. You can also place your little Teacup Pomeranian in the crate when too much activity is going on in the house. Many dogs don’t like to pop in their living area, so you can also use this fact to prevent your dog from accidents when you are away. You can feed your pup in the crate, provide him some puzzle toys. Try to give the treats to your Teacup Pomeranian when he is following your commands such as “Bed”, and “Crate”.

Join the Training Classes

You can join the training classes organized by the local American Kennel Club to reinforce the kindergarten work you did with your puppy. You can check the local chapter of organizations to find the specific classes, which are particularly limited to the small breeds.

Some considerable warnings while training a Teacup Pomeranian

Please wait for the complete immunization of your puppy before taking your puppy to the new outdoor places. You can use this time to get familiar with your four-leg family member with the house members, and other pets in the house. It’s just advice for informational purposes; you can always focus on your veterinarian while deciding anything about your puppy. Your veterinarian can guide you well, depending upon the recent conditions of your puppy.

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